Oil Change Services


Oil Change Services

Regular oil changes keep your car’s engine running smoothly and prolong the life of your vehicle. At Meier’s Automotive, an oil change consists of:

  • Changing the engine oil filter
  • Draining the old engine oil
  • Adding new engine oil; includes up to 5 qts.
  • Lubricating and checking the chassis
  • Checking engine and cabin air filters
  • Checking all fluid levels and tire pressure
  • Performing a 22 point inspection

Loyalty Program

We value our customers which is why every 5th oil change is free with four validated coupons/postcards. If you’re not receiving our coupons, it’s easy to sign up. Call or stop by and provide us with your name and mailing address.

Benefits of Changing Your Oil Regularly 

Cleaner Engine
As your engine operates, debris particles flake off from internal engine parts entering your car’s oil. You can eliminate these particles with regular oil changes and keep your car’s engine clean and running smoothly.

Longer Engine Life
The two leading causes of engine wear and failure are caused by friction and wear; regular oil changes result in a longer lasting car engine and reduce engine wear.

Lower Vehicle Emissions
Changing your oil regularly enables your engine to run cleaner, and a cleaner running engine emits less exhaust than a dirty engine. At Meier’s Automotive, we replace your vehicles old, dirty engine oil with fresh, clean engine oil. Clean engine oil absorbs harmful engine particles and engine by-product emissions.

Increased Gas Mileage
Replacing your old, dirty engine oil with clean, quality engine oil increases engine lubrication and results in less engine friction. When your engine runs easier and smoother this leads to increased gas mileage.

Better Engine Performance
An engine’s internal parts operate easier and smoother with clean engine oil, enabling an engine to maximize its mechanical output. When you maximize the mechanical output this leads to and increase in engine performance and gas mileage.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

At Meier’s Automotive Service we recommend changing your vehicles motor oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles in order to maintain the life of your vehicle.

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Call 219-933-444 to speak with a Certified Auto Technician to schedule your next oil change or appointment or click here for our online scheduler. For a full list of services offered at Meier’s Automotive Service visit our services page.